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MilestoneTask offers project management resources for professionals and pmp aspirants. The resources on this blog can help enhance efficiency and also provide an indispensable study reference.

This blog is a compendium of knowledge and skills acquired during real world execution of challenging projects. The blog posts at Milestonetask.Com are nothing but carefully crafted compilation of valuable experience gained in implementing project management best practices.

Atul Gaur PMP, the author of this blog is a certified project management professional. Atul has rich and diverse project management experience of over two decades. An alumnus of MIT-Manipal and MDI-Gurgaon, Atul Gaur PMP is also an Indian Navy Veteran.

Apart from various corporate assignments Atul has also served on-board naval warships and a ship repair yard. To know more about Atul Gaur PMP, please visit the resume page.

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Profound project management competencies, adept in managing complex naval boiler re-tubing projects to highly demanding engineering, procurement and construction projects. System oriented uses structured approach to solve problems.


Proficient in using Microsoft Project as scheduling tool, apply global benchmark practices to develop WBS, activity list and activity dependencies. Skilled in applying S-Curve for tracking deliverable and implement EVM for schedule and cost control.


Capable of leading a multi-disciplinary team of professionals in matrix as well as projectized organization structure. Atul can lead a project right from takeover from market segment until handover of the project to end customer.


Methodically review projects, work out variances and initiate corrective and preventive actions. Involve project team in the review processes and use interactive presentations to report the project progress to stakeholders.

Value System

Driven by core Naval values that are deeply imbibed in thoughts and action. Absolutely process oriented and unbiased in approach. Believes in fulfilling contractual obligations without impacting project profitability.

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Atul Gaur PMP

Atul Gaur is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) & Ex India Naval Officer with established credentials of successfully delivering critical projects across industry verticals.
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Project Management as a practice is not new. In the past project management helped create various wonders of the world. However, it is the armed forces that has further developed this concept and applied in practice. The project management concepts that we use today have evolved over a long period of time. This post describes all the essential aspects of this subject.

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Professionals as well as PMP aspirants need Earned Value Management (EVM) formulas. Many believe that the earned value management (EVM) formulas are difficult to remember. However, this is not true, with little practice and understanding anyone can recollect these formulas during the examination or while applying EVM techniques in their projects.

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PMP Formulas Complete Certification Guide consists the most important formuals required for the project management professional certification examination. This list includes PERT, Crital Path Method (CPM), Earned Value Management (EVM), Net Present Value (NPV), IRR, CBA, EMV, Statistics and Procurement Management formulas.

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Flowchart is the sixth tool of the seven basic quality control tools. A flowchart is a diagram that uses graphic symbols to depict the nature and flow of steps in a process. A flowchart is also known as a flow diagram, process map, or relationship map. This article describes, in brief, what is a flowchart, its use, and tools and techniques used to create it.

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The PMBOK Guide seventh edition is divided into two main parts namely; the standard for project management and secondly, A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge. The standard for project management includes two major components, firstly, a system for value delivery, and secondly, the 12 project management principles.

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PMI is likely to release PMBOK Seventh Edition on 01 August 2021. New release of PMBOK is a major upgrade to previous versions of this standard. Knowledge areas and ITTOs would not be part of this new release. So, what exactly has changed in PMBOK 7th edition? This blog post answers important questions pertaining to the release of PMBOK 7th edition.

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Project Management Body of Knowledge 6th edition has 49 different project management processes. The 5 different process groups logically categorize these processes. Further, the 10 knowledge areas also make use of these processes to establish a specific field of study. This article describes how these processes link with process groups and knowledge areas.

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Project management process groups are logical grouping of various project management processes. This grouping of processes helps to achieve a specific project objective. In fact, these five project management process groups accommodate 49 different project management processes. This blog post briefly describes the five project management process groups.

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The new PMP Exam 2021 has come into effect from 02 January 2021. Thus, the PMP certification exam is now based on the new exam content outline. As a matter of fact, PMI published its new exam content outline in June 2019. Now that the changes have come into effect it is good to understand these changes. Read this post to understand major changes to the PMP Exam.

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Project Phase and Project Management Process Groups are often misunderstood terms. Project phase is a collection of logically related project activities that culminates in the completion of one or more deliverables. However, Process Groups are logical grouping of project management processes. This blog post describes the differences between the two terms.

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PMBOK 6th edition groups tools & techniques as per their purpose. The group names describe the intent of what needs to be done. The tools & techniques in the group represent different methods to accomplish the intent. PMBOK 6th edition has 07 groups of 132 different project management tools also considered as good practices.

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A pareto chart is a series of bars whose heights reflect the frequency or impact of problems. It consists of both bars and line graphs. Bars in descending order in a pareto diagram represent individual values and the line is cumulative value. A pareto diagram gets its name from the pareto principle. According to pareto principle 80% of the effects comes from 20% of the causes.

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Awards & Accolades



Atul Gaur expressed his views on roadblocks encountered during virtual communication. These views were published in an article Open Lines on the Open Road in February 2014 edition of PM Network – a PMI publication. Extract of the article is placed here.

Mistake? Solution

Atul Gaur expressed his views on common mistakes that occur in project management like blowing cost estimates, failing to escalate, and keeping strategy close to the vest, views were published in PMI Career Central article titled Mistake? Solution.

Articles Indian Navy

As a commissioned officer Lieutenant Commander Atul Gaur has authored articles for Indian Navy and received accolades for Digital battlefields, Weld repairs to water drum of aircraft carrier and titanium fabrication of submarine snort exhaust trunking.

PMP Certificate

Atul Gaur is a committed professional who believes in delivering projects successfully. Therefore Atul has achieved the PMI's global credential certification in Feb, 2016. View extract of PMP certificate here.

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