Project Management Competencies

Atul Gaur has profound project management competencies and has  managed projects across industry verticals. Succeeding paragraphs enumerate a brief list of projects managed.

Process Plant Projects

Multi Effect Evaporator Systems

  1. Bio-Methanated Spent Wash Evaporator for Distillery
  2. Zero Liquid Discharge Evaporator in Titanium and Duplex Stainless Steel
  3. Raw Juice and Clear Juice Heating System for Sugar plant
  4. Black liquor evaporator for pulp and paper industry
  5. Spent wash evaporator for various distilleries
  6. Evaporation system for sodium sulfate recovery

Spin Flash Dryer Systems

  1. Synthetic iron oxide project
  2. Sodium sulfate recovery

Spray Dryer Systems

  1. Emulsified Polyvinyl Chloride (E-PVC)
  2. Sodium di-uranate
  3. Aluminum sulfate

Industrial Projects


  1. Utility Piping for a Tyre Manufacturing Unit


  1. PET bottling plant for a Brewery Plant



  1. Rotary Mixer Grinders (RMG)
  2. Rotary Cone Vacuum Dryers (RCVD)
  3. Fluidized Bed Dryers (FBD)
  4. Automatic coating equipment
  5. Material handling equipment

Active Pharma Ingredient (API)

  1. Agitated vessels
  2. Storage Tanks
  3. Jacketed / Limpeted reactors

Shipyard Development


  1. 1000 MT Caisson Gate Fabrication Project.

Naval Boilers & Heavy Fabrication

Warship Boilers

  1. Re-tubing of Babcock and Wilcox Y-160 boilers for frigates namely Godavari class and leander class of Ships.
  2. Complete renewal of steam test house boiler along with super heater tubes and economizer elements
  3. Repairs to both the Water drums of Admilarity class boilers of INS Virat
  4. Re-tubing of main boilers of INS Shakti

Heavy Fabrication

  1. Titanium Snort Exhaust Trunking Fabrication for Kilo-Class submarines
  2. Aluminium funnel fabrication of Brahmaputra class of frigates
  3. Ni-Chrome Gas Turbine Generator fabrication / repairs for Delhi and Rajput class of Destroyers
  4. Fabrication and installation of stainless steel transom fittings of 1241 RE class of missile corvettes
  5. Fabrication of Gas Turbine aluminium air intake cowlings and exhaust ducts for 1241 RE class of missile corvettes
  6. Heat Exchanger repair work for HDW submarines
  7. Weld repairs to Aluminium pipes of 1241 RE and PE class of missile corvettes


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