Project Management Guide for Beginners

Project Management as a practice is not new. In the past project management helped create various wonders of the world. However, it is the armed forces that has further developed this concept and applied in practice. The project management concepts that we use today have evolved over a long period of time. This post describes all the essential aspects of this subject. Read More

Project Management Process Simplified

Project Management Body of Knowledge 6th edition has 49 different project management processes. The 5 different process groups logically categorize these processes. Further, the 10 knowledge areas also make use of these processes to establish a specific field of study. This article describes how these processes link with process groups and knowledge areas. Read More

Project Management Process Groups

Project management process groups are logical grouping of various project management processes. This grouping of processes helps to achieve a specific project objective. In fact, these five project management process groups accommodate 49 different project management processes. This blog post briefly describes the five project management process groups. Read More

Project Phase Understanding its Nuances

Project Phase and Project Management Process Groups are often misunderstood terms. Project phase is a collection of logically related project activities that culminates in the completion of one or more deliverables. However, Process Groups are logical grouping of project management processes. This blog post describes the differences between the two terms. Read More

12 Essentials for a Project Manager

Project Manager (PM) often has to function without formal authority over the team. A PM is expected to produce results by working outside the hierarchical structural of the organisation and without any kind of authority within their realm of operations. Mostly a project manager does not conduct performance appraisal, offer rewards and incentives to his… Read More

10 Project Management Pitfalls To Avoid

Not all goes well while managing a project. Blog post project management pitfalls describes 10 critical aspects if overlooked could cost dearly to any project. Project Management Pitfalls Here is a list of project management pitfalls that can be avoided while executing a project. #1 Scope Management All projects whether small or large should have… Read More