Experience Overview Atul Gaur PMP

Professional experience of Atul Gaur, PMP ranges from managing complex Naval boiler re-tubing projects to highly demanding EPCM projects.

Overall, Atul Gaur has managed more than 35 projects. These include projects such as Babcock & Wilcox naval boiler retubing, fabrication involving materials like titanium and aluminium, and various process plant projects. For a detailed list please visit competencies.

Furthermore, Atul Gaur has documented complex fabrication and critical weld repair activities in the Navy. From time to time Naval Journals have published these technical literature. Subsequently, Atul Gaur has also received awards for these publications.

Educational Qualification Atul Gaur PMP

Professional courses such as marine engineering, management development and ten different training programs have helped Atul Gaur upgrade his skills.

Additionally, PMP Certification, Lead Auditor for QMS and EMS allow Atul Gaur to stay abreast of latest industry trends.

Educational qualifications such as Business Management and Mechanical Engineering provide the necessary foundation to manage complex engineering projects.

Professional Achievements Atul Gaur PMP

Following paragraph enumerates major professional achievements of Atul Gaur PMP.

  • Atul has achieved successful transition from Indian Navy to corporate world.
  • Successfully delivered multiple projects in matrix organization structure as well as projectized organization structure.
  • Until now, Atul Gaur has delivered portfolio of projects of varying complexities for different industries without any deviation in key performance indicators.
  • Atul not only has excellent communication skills but also has good leadership capabilities in leading multi disciplinary project teams.
  • Proven track record of putting troubled and delayed projects back on track.


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