Resume Atul Gaur Project Management Professional (PMP)

Succeeding paragraphs briefly enumerate key features of resume of Atul Gaur Project Management Professional (PMP).

Atul Gaur is a PMI certified Project Management Professional (PMP) with two decades of experience in delivering projects. He has chiefly managed projects for Indian Navy and EPCM process plant projects for various industries.

Atul Gaur PMP is a capable leader who can manage a muti-disciplinary project team. He can not only undertake end-to-end project management but can also function as Single-Point-of-Contact (SPOC). Infact, Atul Gaur PMP can function as SPOC with equal ease for both internal as well as external customers.

Additionally, Atul Gaur PMP also implements best practices during project execution. Thus ensuring better realization of project goals. Further, he is adept in use of project management tools & techniques namely MS Project, S Curve, and Earned Value Management System. As a result of which, Atul meets project performance parameters all the time.

Moreover, other essential skills include, estimating project cost, planning and organizing project resources, and developing project budget. As a matter of fact it is Atul’s habit to meticulously monitor and control projects and optimally use all resources.

Apart from the above, Atul Gaur PMP also undertakes methodical review of projects. He also conducts systematic analysis of schedule and cost variances in order to recommend corrective and preventive actions.


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