PMP Exam Questions – A Brief Analysis

Analysis of PMP Exam Questions
of PMP Exam Questions

PMP certification that offers numerous benefits to both individuals and well as the organizations is a gruelling four-hour long test which needs to be completed in one sitting. A total number of 200 questions needs to be answered in a time frame of 4 hours. The PMP Handbook specifies the distribution of pmp exam questions across various process groups. The data is reproduced below in graphical format.

PMP Exam Questions By Percentage

However, not all 200 questions that needs to be answered are accounted for scoring. The number of PMP exam questions that are used for scoring are 175 the remaining 25 questions are pretest questions which PMI uses to monitor the performance of the questions for inclusion in future tests.

PMP Exam Percentage of Questions
Percentage of Questions in PMP Examination

The above distribution has been worked out on the basis of a survey conducted by PMI across 96 countries encompassing major industry verticals. As a result of this survey it was established that the 175 questions for which a candidate is assessed should be distributed as per the above break-up. It is advisable to download the Exam Content Outline and go through it once along with the PMP Handbook.

Distribution of PMP Exam Questions

Assuming that the distribution of the pretest questions is same as that of the scored questions, the number of questions for each domain or process group can be assessed. The distribution of pmp exam questions on the test is appended below.

Distribution of PMP Exam Questions
Distribution of Scored and Pretest Questions

It may be noted that the questions are not presented under various sections and hence even the pretest questions are presented along with scored questions and are spread across the duration of the test. All out efforts must be made to answer every pmp exam question correctly.

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The above distribution can be of help for those who want to concentrate on a certain section of the PMBOK in order to either fast pace their preparation or achieve a better score for a certain process group. While undertaking the test it is nearly impossible to differentiate between the scored questions and the pretest questions. Hence it is important that all questions are attended with full sincerity.

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