Project Success and Productivity

Project Success and Productivity

Elements of High Productivity by Dmitri Ivanenko, PMP defines elements that can boost productivity and ensure project success. However I wish to add a few more points that play a vital role in project success and increased productivity.

Project Success and Productivity

#1 Delegation

A Project Manager cannot perform all the functions and should always make good use of the team available with him. Delegation is more of a art and has no fixed rule. A project manager should take a judicious decisions to delegate daily important activities. This will definitely boost productivity. While delegating project manager should be very clear in his mind on what to delegate, how much to delegate and whom to delegate. Taking feedback at the end of the day is an important aspect of delegating as it will ensure that the delegated tasks have completed or if there are any bottle necks in completion of the tasks.

#2 Motivation

Keeping the project team motivated can help increase the productivity it is a well known fact that a motivated person can achieve the most difficult goals. Depending upon the organisation, team size a project manager can take steps to ensure that the team is motivated. In a large project / organisation helping team members overcome the day to day administrative hurdles is also a morale booster and keeps the team motivated. Administrative bottle necks impact project schedule in a considerable manner and should never be overlooked by the project manager.

#3 Mentoring

No one is perfect in this world and no project manager ever gets a perfect team but it is the responsibility of the project manager to ensure that the project is delivered with the existing team. Training sessions need not always be organised through an external agency, however, during daily planning a project manager can impart a good deal of technical, managerial know how to his team members and ensure that the planned targets are achieved and the project remains highly productive

#4 Productivity Tools

An intelligent use of productivity tools like collaboration sites, calendar & to do list software and free utilities available on the net can help increase productivity. Basic method of writing down things to be completed for the day and diligently following it up can ensure daily targets are met and project success is ensured.

#5 Communication & Coordination

Communication and coordination is the often not stressed by the project team and some project manager take this vital activity for granted and pay very little attention to ensure that the person responsible for a task or an activity has understood what needs to be done. Most of the time the communication loop is not closed resulting in incomplete task and unfulfilled project goals.
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