BioMethanated Spent Wash Multi-Effect Evaporator

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BMSW Evaporator Interesting Facts

  1. Structural Erection : 270 Tonnes
  2. Piping (Stainless Steel / Mild Steel) : 16,000 inch-dia
  3. Cables (power / Control) : 18,000 RMT
  4. Equipment (Process / Pumps / Motors etc) : 125 Nos
  5. Valves (Manual / Control): 600 Nos
  6. Fasteners : 10,000 Nos
  7. 3D of the plant including civil / structure / piping etc.

Important Skills Used

All risks that could affect smooth commissioning of the plant were identified and their impact on project performance indicators were assessed by the project manager and the project team and corrective actions were implemented right from the early stages of the project. A well thought out risk mitigation plan was in place for all the known risks. This helped in achieving smooth commissioning of the plant.

Image of the BMSW Evaporator Plant On Completion


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